October 2017 Mandate Summary
Effective October 2017, the Card Brands will make modifications. Below are the highlights of the changes that will most affect you and your merchants:


  • Mastercard will add a new MCC and expand certain MCC ranges.
  • Mastercard will be participating in the adoption of the 8-digit BIN standard effective April 2022. 
  • Mastercard is introducing a new prepaid card program to be issued in the MEA region.
  • Mastercard is modifying the interchange process to include the Transaction Integrity Class as part of the interchange rate assignment.
  • Mastercard is introducing a humanitarian-focused prepaid program.
  • Mastercard Processing Integrity Fee reminder.

  •  Visa

  • Visa will make a change to an MCC.
  • Visa is extending the U.S. region participation in the global EMV liability shift for domestic AFD transactions.
  • Visa will mandate the proper identification of estimated, initial, and incremental authorizations for certain MCCs.
  • Visa will require an authorization on credit voucher and merchandise returns in April 2018.
  • Visa will implement changes to the Visa Rules to mandate compliance with the stored credential transaction framework.  
  • Visa will begin assigning eight-digit issuing BINs and will require all endpoints to process using the new eight-digit issuing BIN structure in April 2022.
  • Visa will revise processing integrity timeframes used to calculate fee assessment to align with modified authorization, reversal, and clearing timeframes for estimated authorization transactions. 
  • Visa will update the existing list of U.S. Travel Service merchant types to include MCC 7513.
  • Visa will implement a new Corporate and Purchasing Card rate for Level 2 fuel transactions.
  • Visa will implement changes to the recurring transactions MCC requirement for CPS/Card Not Present. 
  • Visa will implement changes to Visa consumer credit transactions meeting CPS/Small Ticket qualifications.
  • Discover

  • Discover will modify requirements for eligible Premium and Premium Plus card sales at restaurant MCCs 
  • Discover will require POS systems to be configured to support 19-digit PANs and 8-digit PINs.
  • American Express OptBlue

  • The External Sales Servicing Unit, ESSU, at American Express will now be called Premium Partner Servicing.
  • American Express OptBlue Program Pricing and Signing Guidelines will be revised.
  • American Express will make changes to the Prohibited Merchant Industries and Categories list.
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